Daily Strain to the Eyes

Your vision is precious and is also easy to lose. Dangers can strike anywhere and a moment of carelessness can result in a lifetime of blindness. Pain in and around the eye can have many causes, and that is why taking care of the eyes is very essential.

Today, we breathe in a surrounding that is full of complex mixture of solid and liquid particles that are suspended in the air that vary in size, composition and origin, and also include different types of gases such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic carbon and carbon monoxide; thus polluting the air and surrounding.

According to Mumbai Pollution Control Board logs, pollution levels, particularly nitrogen oxide and suspended particulate matter have been exceptionally pernicious. India has 13 out of 20 world’s most polluted cities, making the air so bad to breathe, it’s reducing life expectancy by 3.2 years.

  • Your eyes need to be protected from Ultraviolet rays, whether it is from a tanning bed or a day at beach, UV rays are destructive to the eyes. Overexposure to these rays can cause long term effects to the eye.
  • Protecting your eyes all year round is advisable by doctors. Wearing sunglasses which have polarized lenses with UV blocking certification, are very beneficial for protecting the eyes throughout different seasonal and weather changes.
  • It hardly takes any efforts to put on your safety glasses when at work or using a powerful equipment. avoiding this, causes serious detriment of the health of your eyes. A flying piece of debris or rust that falls from your car can cause blindness and eye injury in a split second.
  • The most devastating disease that can happen to your eye health is caused by Diabetes, called Retinopathy, which slowly deteriorates your eyesight. This disease is quiet and painless and most of the patients do not realize their eyesight issue until they lose much of their sight.

Your eye health is exposed to many problems and diseases and all possible measures should be taken to protect the eyesight at all costs.

Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter(RSPM)
State City Location Type

Numbers of
monitoring days

Respirable Suspended
Particulate Matter(RSPM)-
Annual average (µg/m3)




Industrial 50 104 20 Moderate
Maharashtra Greater
Industrial 50 99 10 Moderate